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Susan Suarez

My name is Susan Suarez.  I’m a registered nurse and a Dynamical Neurofeedback® specialist.  I have had the opportunity to care for many patients with a wide array of conditions.  After some time, I realized that most of my patients had cognitive disorders which significantly impacted every aspect of their lives.  This is to be expected since our brain health impacts every part of our bodies and by extension, every area of our lives. In other words, our brain health determines our mental, physical, and emotional health that effects our overall quality of life. 


Another key observation in my nursing practice was that most of my patients were reliant upon a litany of medications that seemed to increase over time.  Assessing the efficacy of the medications was an important part of my job.  Very often my clients experienced unwanted symptoms and side effects, or disappointing results.


These observations and experiences inspired me to begin researching brain health and wholistic alternatives.  I wanted to find an effective, efficient solution for people whose lives have been held back by cognitive issues and disorders.  When I discovered NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback®, I knew my search was over.  NeurOptimal® is a brain training system that goes to the root of the problem, leading to permanent improvement in brain function as opposed to just addressing the symptoms.  NeurOptimal® is an extraordinarily safe, effective and efficient tool for self-optimization and reaching your full potential.


Susan lives in Westport, CT with her husband and their six children.

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