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Neurofeedback is safe for child

About Neurotrain®

There is no expertise required — just hit GO, and you’re off

Never let stress, anxiety, or cognitive struggles prevent you from reaching your highest potential. A NeurOptimal® system can provide the passive brain training you need for personal enrichment and success. 

You're in good hands with
Susan Suarez

Neurotrain® Founder, BSN, RN Advanced NeurOptimal® Specialist

Susan Suarez, Neurotrain® Founder, BSN, RN Advanced NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Specialist

Helping you get to the root of the problem without medication

As a registered nurse, I have had the opportunity to care for many patients with a wide array of conditions. Some of my patients were trying to manage over 20 medications, many of them related to cognitive disorders, which significantly impacted every aspect of their lives.


Very often, my clients experienced unwanted symptoms and side effects or disappointing results.

These observations and experiences inspired me to begin researching brain health and holistic alternatives.

When I discovered NeurOptimal® and  Dynamical Neurofeedback®, I knew my search was over.  NeurOptimal® is a brain training system that goes to the root of the problem, leading to permanent improvement in brain function as opposed to just addressing the symptoms.


NeurOptimal® is an extraordinarily safe, effective, and efficient tool for self-optimization and reaching your full potential.

I founded Neurotrain® in 2022 to bring this powerful solution to others

After my family and I had experienced our own transformation and gained clarity and life-changing results, I was inspired to raise awareness and create opportunities for others seeking alternative cognitive wellness solutions without side effects.


The best part of helping people once they are on this journey to optimal wellness is listening to the shifts and changes they experience, hearing how they are more self-empowered and confident, and reaching their goals in life.

I am often asked: “Who can benefit from using NeurOptimal®?”

​The answer is simple: “Anyone with a brain wanting to achieve optimal wellness.” 

This is because there is no criteria to determine whether you can use NeurOptimal® or not. It is used on toddlers to our oldest citizens, by the sick and the well, by those not functioning at their best, and by those who excel at what they do.


There is no expertise required — just hit Go, and you’re off.


Every time you use NeurOptimal®, your brain receives information about what it has just done, microsecond by microsecond. It is a dynamical system that works with you in real time. So there is never any evaluation to do ahead of time, no decisions to make, and no settings to change. You don’t have to worry about doing anything wrong, this will not over train your brain.


How NeurOptimal® helps achieve optimal wellness

Safe & Effective. Anybody.  Anywhere.  Anytime.

NeurOptimal® systems can be included in your overall wellness program and lifestyle. It is a general wellness product that trains your brain to improve cognitive function and quality of life so you can reach your fullest potential.

Clients often report:

Better sleep management

Improved mental acuity

Increased confidence

Increased focus

Less performance anxiety

No more post-concussion headaches

More relaxed

Better coping skills

Increased mental flexibility and resiliency

Better concentration, problem-solving, multitasking

Enhanced learning capacity

Improved feeling of general wellness

Little girl happy from NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback®

Lasting results are possible

Engaging in NeurOptimal® sessions is a bit like learning to read — minus the hard work!


Once you know how to read, you can’t not know. So yes, it lasts. But if you don’t read for a very long time, you might get a little rusty. Then, once you jump back in, you quickly catch up, and you’re off!


It is the same concept for NeurOptimal®.


When you get thrown off by something happening in your life, a few sessions can get you right back to where you were. For many, it becomes a lifestyle with continuous training and continuous benefits. 


You can stop training any time you want and pick back up again later. It’s really up to you.

I love hearing how people’s lives & perspectives change — how they went from…

What life was like before

Being rigid, inflexible, and reactionary.

What life is like with NeurOptimal®

To being more positive, flexible, and responsive, leading to better relationships.

Ball of anxiety in my stomach.

Anxiety melted away.

Paranoid, irrational thinking.

Rational, logical thinking.

 Living with depression.

A greater sense of well-being and optimism.

Easily irritated by others.

Compassionate and tolerant, leading to improved relationships.

Struggling in school.

Raised confidence, focus, and attitude, along with significantly improved grades.

Too much screen time.

Increase the desire to be physically active and outdoors.

Overwhelmed at work.

More confident, focused, productive, and creative at work.

Restless sleep.

Deeper, more restful sleep.

Post-concussion headaches and trouble focusing.

No more headaches and improved focus.

If I could share one secret about the NeuroOptimal® system, it is that you don’t have to have a cognitive disorder to use it. From peak performing athletes or performers, it is safe and effective for newborns to the elderly.

Neurotrain® is an official distributor and trainer for the NeuroOptimal® system.

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